Specialty Cleaning

Carpets, ceramic or vinyl tile floors, windows, and indoor air vents all require a periodic deep cleaning to maintain a beautiful appearance – even with effective daily vacuuming, mopping or wiping. At ServiceMaster Commercial Services, we provide many types of specialty cleaning for businesses and commercial facilities in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News and throughout the Greater Hampton Roads region of Virginia. We can recommend periodic cleaning services by our certified technicians using state-of-the-art equipment or implement an annual periodic cleaning program for your carpets, floors, and windows so you don’t have to carry that burden. We proactively inspect our work on each project to ensure the results meet our high professional standards and your complete satisfaction.

Ceramic Tile Floor Restorative Cleaning 

Ceramic tile surfaces and the deeper grooves of grout lines trap dirt and oils that daily sweeping and mopping cannot catch. Our equipment and products will penetrate those areas to produce a uniformly clean and like-new appearance to the floors. In addition, we offer specialized sealers for grouted tile floors that can keep dirt from getting deep into grout lines and ruining their appearance or color.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Daily vacuuming of carpets can remove dry dirt, but spills, foot traffic, and moisture will cling to carpet fibers and can harbor bacteria, fungi, and attract more dirt. Buildup from these sources will crush carpet fibers, affect the appearance of your facilities, and significantly reduce the life of the carpets. We can make carpets look better and last longer with state-of-the-art equipment and cleansing agents for effective pre-treatment, hot water extraction, deep cleaning, and spot removal. We can also apply protectants and disinfectants to clean carpets for improved resistance to stains, dirt, and bacteria. Click Here to learn more about our carpet cleaning.

Refinishing of VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) Floors

Vinyl composite tile floors are simple to clean on a daily basis but require a top layer of finish to protect against scratches, stains, and moisture. Without this protective coating, floor tiles will become dingy or even separate from the subfloor. A successful maintenance strategy for finished VCT floors must include daily sweeping and mopping with a pH-neutral floor cleaner, as well as periodic scrubbing or replacement of the top layers of finish. Our professionally trained technicians use a combination of restorative cleaning techniques to restore that fresh, clean, and shiny appearance to your VCT floors while extending the working life of the floors.

Special Projects

While carpet and floor restorative care are some of our primary services, ServiceMaster Commercial Services has the proper equipment and techniques to accommodate your other commercial cleaning needs including; window cleaning, pressure cleaning, high ceiling and skylight cleaning, gum removal, and much more.